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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why can't a SiteExecutive user view the Source button?

    In order for a user to see the Source button when editing a page or template, the user must:

    • Be added to the SE Page Source or SE Template Source group.
    • Have at least Write access to the area where the page or template is located.
    • Have Read access to the Administrative Users node within the Site Explorer, either individually or through a group that has Read access to the node.
  • Where can I get sample files for the Advanced Forms module?

    Sample files can be found here: <siteexecutive_root>\server\mod\addons\semod_advancedforms\_sample.

    Sample files include: State and Country text populators, Module populator, Custom Result Handler, and Javascript functions.

  • How can I control the HTML output of the Navigation module?

    There are two configurable fields in the Navigation module that allow users to restrict the levels of navigation that are shown. Start Level allows a user to specify which level of navigation to begin rendering in the instance of the module. End Level allows a user to specify which level of navigation to stop rendering in the instance of the module. These fields relieve the problem with site crawlers and text-only browsers reading the entire HTML of navigation hidden by CSS.

  • How does the Image Rotator module function differently on a page than a template?

    When inserted on a page, the images included in the Image Rotator module can be displayed as a slide show and can be set up to rotate automatically or manually by site visitors. When inserted on the template, the images can appear as background or foreground images, but will not rotate on their own. The images will rotate when the web browser window is refreshed.

  • Why are the Properties of my uploaded image incorrect?

    Images created in CMYK mode, when uploaded to SiteExecutive, display incorrect attributes (such as image height and width and file size). These images cannot be rendered by the web server. These files will sometimes become locked and cannot be deleted or replaced, causing significant performance issues. To avoid rendering and performance problems, content authors should use the RGB mode when creating images for SiteExecutive. If an image in CMYK mode must be used, the image mode should be changed to RGB through an image editor such as PhotoShop.