We heard from you.  I wanted to recap all of the product enhancement requests that came from you at Evolve 2010.  If we missed any, please comment, or if you didn't speak up now is your chance.  Below is a list of all enhancements logged, some which will make it into SiteExecutive 2011:

Request Ticket
Ability to create folders within Templates Collection 525
User sessions not being logged out after inactivity 1116
Ability to load all the defined navigation instead of the relative definitions 2104
Ability to configure review times of content, update last published date, report on users who are not updating content in timely manner, automatically send reminders to users to update content 2119
Support Webkit(Chrome & Safari) for SE Admin Interface 2710
Ability to revert style sheet versions 2733
Ability to personalize site content based on user attributes 2789
Ability to receive notifications when communications to user accounts bounce back and option to deactivate user account 2790
Ability to restrict which locations can be used on a given event calendar or any other application that uses locations 2791
Ability to move multiple objects a time 2792
Ability to delete multiple objects a time 2793
Ability to see permissions of a given user 2794
Ability to upload file during link creation 2795
Usage report on any object type(i.e.-which pages are being used on a template) 2796
Ability to preview image during rename screen 2797
Import functionality on SiteExecutive applications 2798
Ability to select a SiteExecutive user or group for web event notification 2800
Ability to define tags or sub-channels of a video in video library 2801
Ability to include title and description of video when inserting on page 2804
Provide a visual cue when a folder contains objects 2805
Ability to create folders within Style Sheets section 2806
Provide aspect ratio objects when inserting a video on a page 2808
Ability to add the role attribute to a HTML tag 2810
Ability to require a save to location or define a global path for a given site during upload image in editor 2812
Ability to synch YouTube playlists as a provider(s) 2813
Ability to set a registration max on an event 2814
Support comments in style sheet editor 2818
Maintain order of style definitions on import 2819
Ability to create sortable tables 2820
Provide dashboard upon login displaying responsible content per user account 2821
Syntax highlighting in editor source view and style sheet editor 2822
Drag n drop support on site explorer in Firefox 2823
Protect SiteExecutive reserved markup in Source view 2825
Ability to site administrator to communicate to users logged in 2826
Ability to syndicate content across multiple SiteExecutive versions 2827
Ability to dynamically include content at page level 2828
Ability to create a report for users last logged in time 2829
Change navigation module definitions to reduce redundancy of folder and index page definition 2830
Ability to compare style sheet versions 2831
Ability to allow site visitors to edit page content(wiki like functionality) 2832
Mobile app for emergency broadcast communications to site visitors 2833
Ability to globally find and replace html source(optional regular expression matching) 2834