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Administration in SiteExecutive

All of the tools you need to manage your SiteExecutive system settings, users, and security policies will be thoroughly explained in this one-day course. You will tour through the vast administrative interface and learn how to manage user accounts and user access, establish secure areas within a website, audit user activity, and other tasks necessary for high-level management of your SiteExecutive instance.

Who will benefit from this course:

  • Users tasked with maintaining an entire SiteExecutive instance
  • Users who manage other users & user access
  • Web security specialists

By the end of the course, users will be proficient in the following tasks:

  • Managing SiteExecutive user accounts & user groups
  • Controlling user access to all areas and objects in SiteExecutive through permissions
  • Defining SiteExecutive security settings
  • Enabling custom security integration
  • Establishing workflow for folders, sites, and Structured Content collections
  • Creating secure areas within a website
  • Creating error pages and login pages
  • Implementing SSL on SiteExecutive sites
  • Running system utilities
  • Setting up internal & external redirects
  • Generating reports on system contents and activity




1 day


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