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Content Authoring in SiteExecutive

New to SiteExecutive? This introductory course provides content authors with all of the tools necessary for creating and managing web content in SiteExecutive. As you complete hands-on exercises using the program's powerful authoring tools, you will learn the best practices for leveraging SiteExecutive to deliver high-quality web content and manage your organization's web presence.

Who will benefit from this course:

  • Individuals with little to no experience with SiteExecutive
  • Users who create and manage web content (for instance, updating webpages)

By the end of the course, users will be proficient in the following tasks:

  • Navigating the SiteExecutive interface
  • Creating web pages
  • Establishing and maintaining website structure with folders
  • Livening up web content with images and videos
  • Linking to objects in SiteExecutive and external webpages
  • Uploading files to SiteExecutive
  • Publishing content to the web
  • Adding images to image galleries
  • Adding events to an event calendar
  • Creating blog posts
  • Managing profiles in a profile directory
  • Adding content to Structured Content collections




1 day



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