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Structured Content for Developers

Learn how to bolster your web presence through the use of SiteExecutive’s powerful Structured Content feature in this two-day training series. The series begins with an overview of the process and best practices for defining content types, followed by numerous exercises in creating viewlets, containers, and XML layouts for Structured Content. This course is also a part of the SiteExecutive Developer Series but can be taken independently.

Who will benefit from this course:

  • Developers with knowledge of ColdFusion Markup Language
  • Users who are proficient in HTML & CSS
  • Users who wish to create and manage Structured Content for their organization’s SiteExecutive website

By the end of the course, users will be proficient in the following tasks:

  • Creating content types
  • Establishing relationships between content types
  • Deploying content collections
  • Managing content in content collections
  • Working with the REST API
  • Developing presentation layouts in XML
  • Understanding the anatomy of Structured Content extensions
  • Coding and implementing custom viewlets in CFML
    • Slider
    • Mega Menu
    • Featured Content
  • Coding and implementing custom containers in CFML




2 days


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