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Templates, Layouts, and Styling in SiteExecutive

SiteExecutive users with an eye for design will learn how to control the presentation of their organization’s website in this two-day course. Students will practice creating templates to structure the look and feel of their web pages, and they will explore the extensive possibilities for refining the look and feel of modules and applications using stylesheets and layouts.

Who will benefit from this course:

  • Users with knowledge of HTML & CSS
  • Users who manage their organizations’ website design

By the end of the course, users will be proficient in the following tasks:

  • Using the SiteExecutive CSS editor
  • Defining dynamic styles
  • Creating & managing templates
  • Implementing modules on templates for enhanced functionality:
    • Site Information
    • Navigation
    • Object Inclusion
  • Defining content-specific stylesheets on templates
  • Configuring folder & site navigation
  • Managing dynamic object substitutions
  • Controlling application presentation with layouts
  • Styling the SiteExecutive applications & modules
    • Advanced Forms
    • Image Rotator
    • Blog
    • Event Calendar
    • Image Gallery
    • Profile Directory
    • Search Application
    • Video Library




2 days


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